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“Since seeing Holly, I have lost 15 pounds.  I have more energy, along with an improved desire to get things done.  My cholesterol levels have dropped dramatically allowing me to get off Statin medications, and my blood pressure is lower.  My arthritic shoulder has improved - I now have full movement again.” 
~ P.D.

“I had severe shoulder pain, muscle spasms, chronic GI issues, and depression.  After seeing several different doctors, I was getting very little relief and was tired of spending so much money on pharmaceutical drugs that caused more problems then they solved.

 Seven months ago I began acupuncture treatments with Molly and I am amazed at the results.  The needles are hardly noticeable and the sessions are comfortable and relaxing.

 Molly’s caring nature, positive attitude, and integrative approach to health has helped to support and guide me to a healthier way of living.”

~ C.Y.

"Just wanted to let you know what an amazing experience it is for me when I leave after you treat me - it's instant pain relief!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!" 

~ C.W.

“For 5-6 years I have struggled with my legs.  Walking was difficult and I would tire very easily.  I went to several types of doctors and none of them solved my problem.  I decided to try acupuncture and to my amazement after one session with Molly Maguire in Brunswick, I could actually feel my legs and could walk to my car without it hurting me.  I continue my sessions with Molly and much to my delight I am now feeling so much better.  It is like I am a new person and I can’t say enough good things about the acupuncture and also the fact that no medications are being taken.”

~ D.N.

“The mainstays of Western (allopathic) Medicine, surgery and pharmaceuticals, have saved my life a number of times in my seven plus decades, for which I am grateful.

However, until I was attended to by Doc Holly, I never experienced real Health Care.  I mean the actual health of my body being truly cared for, amplified, not just the remediation of disease.

Holly’s understanding of and attention to many multidimensional subtleties in the body create a delightfully unexpected and radically beneficial experience of true care of health.

If this quality of care had been available to me all my life, I likely would not have needed the extreme measures of surgery and pharmaceuticals with their inherent side effects from which I have suffered decades of imbalance and complications.

Holly is not only exceptionally knowledgeable, skilled at supporting the restoration of vibrant health, not just treating disease, she is also a delightful Soul to engage with.

Since I have been in her care, old friends often say, when they meet me, that I seem to be younger every time they see me.” 

~ M.B.

“In May of 2018 I found it necessary to undergo a surgery for a cervical spine fusion.  After the surgery, my neck was stabilized but the underlying nerve pain that radiated down my neck, shoulder, arm, and all the way to base of my thumb remained untouched.  At the advice of friends, I began getting acupuncture treatments with Molly Maguire.  The intake appointment was the most thorough of any I’d experienced.  Each session brought on a new level of relief.  Different modalities such as cupping and e-stim were used as needed.  Molly even treated me when I came down with a nasty cold, adding additional acupuncture points and recommending oriental herbs to strengthen my immune system.  It was wonderful to be treated as a whole person and not just a sore arm.  The office was great, the personnel superb, and the treatment effective.  5 Stars to the group for a job well done!”

~ J.Y.

"I have been seeing Holly for the past 15 months.  She has helped me with digestive & hormonal issues.  We have had great success.  Holly takes the time to listen to any concerns & explains everything clearly to you.  She is very kind & compassionate.  You always leave feeling like she genuinely cares about your health.  Maine has a true treasure in Holly." 

~ K.B.

“Holly is not only a very well informed and experienced doctor, she is also a wonderful human being to work with.  She really HEARS what I say and is so helpful in following through on my needs.”

"I know I would not have made it to this point without you the last few years.  Words cannot express my appreciation... for your knowledge/skill, compassion and kindness all rolled into one.  "Thank you" does not seem enough.  I will miss you on so many levels...but will do my best to remember & practice all you taught me.  Take care." 

~ B.B.

"Holly is an intelligent and caring Doctor of Oriental Medicine.  I visited Holly for pain associated with a sports injury, and was relieved after just a few acupuncture treatments." 

~ D.G.

"I am so happy we've found her.  We have successfully learned how to handle a "medical" issue my 5-year-old had that actually just turned out to be a "sugar" issue.  Better than the ointments, creams and ineffective advice 
we were getting from our mainstream pediatrician!  She takes her time with us, ASKS as much as she TELLS, and I don't wait more than 5 minutes in her relaxing waiting room.  Good luck."

~ Pat

"Yes, Holly Johantgen is truly wonderful!  Everything that Pat said and more.  My youngest has been having some stomach issues and the mainstream pediatrician just could never give an answer.  Holly sized it up in the first visit

and now the whole family sees her." 

~ M.T.

"I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from Dr. Holly Johantgen since 2004.  At the time I started seeing Dr. Johantgen, I had been diagnosed in 2003 with Hepatitis C.  I also had chronic loose stool for all of my adult life, and chronic sciatic pain for 20 years.  I was going through menopause and experiencing night sweats and hot flashes and irritable emotional behavior.  I was drinking heavily and even had suicidal tendencies.

Holly started me on an herbal formula and acupuncture treatments, and in 2005, I was tested again for my Hepatitis, and amazingly enough, the levels were greatly reduced.

I would like to tell everyone who has Hepatitis C that they do not need to go through the painful destructive processes that the Western medical doctors prescribe, because the acupuncture and herbs are pain free and work much better.  I feel great.  Since I've been seeing Holly, I have well formed bowel movements, I feel good, I sleep well, my emotional behavior is much better, and I wish I could share with the world what can be accomplished without the use of drugs.  People need to know!

Holly truly cares about her patients on a personal basis.  The office is friendly and peaceful, I never have to wait for my appointment, and the hour I spend there is most relaxing and enjoyable.  She at first asks how I've been feeling, and specifically what is going on with my symptoms or lack thereof, she inquires about my mental health, because that is all part of my total health.

I trust her completely and feel very confident in her care and treatment.  She modifies my herbs from time to time based on what is happening with my body at the time.  In my case, it was like peeling an onion, she treated what was on top, and when that was cleared, she treated the underlying symptoms.  I feel better than ever and attribute my health to her good care."

"Excellent patient communication and education skills, treats the patient rather than the "illness."  Very intelligent.  Wonderful results.  I will always seek her advice and counsel." 
~ D.G.

"I really want everyone who wants to take control of their health to hear about Holly.  I first started seeing her at the suggestion of my Family doctor - which says a lot right there!  I had done some preliminary research on the Internet and thought my family may have issues with a bacterial imbalance.

My Western Doctor sent me straight to Holly and that's when our world changed.  She put us on some herbal remedies and a diet, which we followed very strictly, and the results were amazing.  My husband's cholesterol dropped 100 points in the first three weeks!  His chronic allergies and sinusitis, which he has had for at least 15 years disappeared totally within a couple months.

My son's chronic nosebleeds, which he had had for the last seven years, disappeared within days of starting the diet - no herbs necessary - and, at the same time, he became much more focused and attentive.

My joint pain went away, and my brain fog vanished as well.  After about three months, my endometriosis was cured - and other doctors said the only solution to that was surgery!

Thank you Holly.  May the world get to know you better, and be better for it."

"After having my daughter's ear tubes removed, she was left with huge holes in her eardrums.  After almost 18 months they had yet to heal and close by themselves.  As parents we were advised that she would need surgery in order to reconstruct the eardrums.  This meant putting my young daughter under anesthesia.  I consulted Dr. Holly and by using herbs and making simple dietary changes, her body began to heal the eardrums in only a short while.  My husband and I are thrilled that we didn't have to put our child through surgery and are very grateful to Holly." 
~ T.A.

"My eight year old has suffered with chronic asthma since he was two years old.  Steroids, and various asthma medications were a typical way of life for us.  As a result my son had brain fog, constant aches and pains and bouts of aggression.  After consulting with Dr. Holly we were counseled on dietary changes and how herbs would make an overall difference not only with his asthma but with the side effects that western medications can produce.  Soon after implementing the new diet and taking the herbs our son's asthma has greatly improved.  We no longer rely on western asthma medications and as a result my son is full of life and is now excelling at school and feels great!"
~ T.A.

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