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Herbal Medicine

Telehealth and In-Person Appointments Available

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our mission...


We provide expertise in treating patients of all ages in preventative healthcare, acute care, and chronic disease management.  It is ​our mission to provide patients with options so they can make empowered and educated choices for themselves and their children’s health.

Our practice philosophy is to provide complete, compassionate, and individualized healthcare.  We do this through the use of acupuncture, herbs, nutrition, and lifestyle modification.

​”​People are thrilled when they learn that, quite often, medications and other invasive procedures can be avoided with the timely use of natural medicine.”

We believe in a team model that compassionately supports people to be proactive in their healthcare choices and make informed decisions that focus not only on the acute situation, but on their long-term picture of health.  We achieve optimal health by treating the underlying root of disease from an integrated medical perspective.  Our approach is a unique combination of Eastern and Western perspectives.  We work to change the way patients view healthcare and their health overall.  It is our ultimate goal to earn patients' trust and confidence and build life-long relationships.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to promote a vitalistic and holistic model of health in order to broaden the current understanding, improve the quality of care, and facilitate the achievement of one’s full potential.  We are committed to actively contributing to the community around us, as well as healthcare globally, through the education of patients, the community, and other healthcare professionals.  Our ultimate objective is to change the way people view their bodies and their healthcare. We will help patients to raise their expectations in order to create a happier and more balanced life and, in turn, a better world.

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Our Services

Acupuncture and acupressure to alleviate pain and treat various physical, mental and emotional conditions

Plant-based medicine from both Eastern & Western perspectives

Food is the best medicine. We provide individualized dietary counseling.





An integrated perspective that treats the body as a whole and addresses systemic function 








"Holly’s understanding of and attention to many multidimensional subtleties in the body create a delightfully unexpected and radically beneficial experience of true care of health."

~ M.B.

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